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Good Bye Bye |DMZ Peace Concert
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even Jinyoung himself was confused with his own eyebrows

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JB’s dino mouth (≧O≦)

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Sungjong during the eras~

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you didn't have to make the gifs of baekho being rude to cclown. it made nuest look rude and was totally uneeded

Did you watch that episode? The show had put NU’EST and C-Clown against each other in a friendly competition. TK was first to speak out in that segment saying that they can write lyrics and compose as well (implying that it wasn’t anything special). When it came to showing C-Clown’s talents, it was Sungjae that said to NU’EST in a light teasing manner ‘Did you see?’ (as in how talented they were) which is why Baekho replied back the way he did.  It’s a variety show and it’s supposed to make you laugh. Baekho wasn’t being rude and nobody on that show saw them being rude.

BamBam’s cantonese which was most probably taught by Jackson

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"You guys have no plans to end dorm life?" "No. Because there’s nowhere else to go.”

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