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What each member said at the concert in Thailand:

(in thai)

mark: i’ve been good looking my whole life

youngjae: im nice and innocent

yugyeom: noona im a man now

jb: im cute im not scary

jr: dont imagine things

jackson: got any bean? (it’s a thai joke)

bambam: his thai rap

standing ovation for bambam aka got7’s thai teacher

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aronstagram 182/
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Amber giggling/laughing


amber dying because of nu’est jr ridiculous dancing on A Song For U


Now Presenting: Jafar’s Series of Awful Puns

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jackson’s imitation vs. the real deal

2014 boygroups debut

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first thing bambam does when he gets to thailand: hugs his mom  and so does jackson…
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(Source: woomeh)

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there are two types of people in this world :
sungyeol & woohyun or myungsoo



I hope Pledis will promote NU’EST at a better time in their next comeback. BTS is at their hype right now but they are flopping on the charts unlike when they did reasonably well on their last comeback.

Timing is definitely crucial for groups which are not yet established.

Yes, I do wish NU’EST came back a few weeks earlier so they could avoid f(x) and all the other popular artists that followed.A

And is it just me or does NU’EST always have bad timing with their comebacks???

Honestly though, we can’t expect them to keep waiting for the ‘right time’. If they keep waiting they’ll be forgotten let alone have some form of presence established. But if they just keep coming back in the midst of popular artists they still will gain fans and be noticed, no matter how little it is. Maybe fans of other groups would watch their performance before the popular artists comes up (because the more popular an artist/song ranking, the later they perform) and find something that interests them about the group. Who knows, maybe NU’EST might actually make more friends in the industry instead of stay cooped up in Pledis’ building or otherwise whisked away to Japan. The more they comeback in Korea, the more we see them, the more other people fans and non-fans see them and the more relevant they become = more likely chance the fanbase grows large enough to secure a win instead of them coming back with a hit song but no  fanbase to back them up.

And let’s be real, there will always be competition for them with new groups always coming back and rookies gaining more interest then they did in the past. I’d rather they win with competition than rob an empty house.