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the struggle is real

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markjackjaebam ahgase rap~
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jaebum casually ruining your life

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Renah makes a comeback

JRen dancing to girl groups gives me life

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NU’EST on WI was perfect because:
- we finally see them random play dance
- Minhyun’s Loco rap and his dramatic fall
- RenAh makes a comeback!!
- JR dancing
- Hyungdon impressed with the boys
- they all looked so good, the stylist needs a raise

Dearest Youngjae, you are the reason so many people smile everyday. I know because I am one of those people. I hope you always show your awkwardness and craziness and lovableness because that is what makes you so special! ♥
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what do you call a monkey that can’t fly?

a monkey

it’s your day! happy youngjae day to GOT7’s hard-working, gifted, and powerful lead vocalist~ 
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